Best Pool Accessories for 2017

Ceramic Pool Tiles

Ceramic Pool Tiles

If you have the budget for it, equipping your pool for maximum comfort, fun, and entertainment is one of the best things that you can do as an owner. Thankfully, there are a lot of pool accessories that you can choose from for that. For this year, some of the best of them are as follows:

Polymer Ladders and Handrails

Ladders and handrails are hardly novel, but if they are made of a material that is designed to stand up to the weather and accommodate as much as impact as possible, we’re interested!  A specific brand has come up with a polymer ladder and handrail that is reported to be impervious to a lot of external sources of potential damage. These include salt, sun, and stains. It is also manufactured to remain cool to the touch, regardless of the weather condition. And it comes in six colours, so if you wish to match this certain accessory to the aesthetics of your, say, ceramic pool, you can easily do so! Pretty great, eh?

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

If you have ever felt like the only thing missing from your pool time is your favourite album, waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers can fix that right up. Most of these come with jack cables that you can connect to your music player; some are better designed for more flexibility and connectivity. For instance, there are wireless speakers that have full-range speakers that still play flawlessly even if they are a hundred feet away from the transmitter. Also, some models have power banks that can store up to 20 hours of battery power.

Floating LED Pool Lights

Finally, you can spruce up any pool party or nighttime swim with floating LED lights. The best thing about these aquatic pool accessories is that they are available in many designs and colours, so you can personalise the look according to your goals. If your pool is not big enough, you can also find pool lights in various sizes.

Choosing Pool Accessories

Enjoying your pool accessories is hinged upon your specific choices. So it is important to make sure that you end up buying only those accessories that are functional and safe. Always verify the quality of the products, and choose trusted brands that are known to meet industry standards. Also, check customer reviews if they are available so you can better gauge if the products will be worth the money.

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