The Pros and Cons of Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is one of the modern ways you can cut metal today, and accomplish the task with ease and great precision. The hack saw can be used to cut metals too, but it is quite crude to use. As for the other methods available, they are rather  more technical and complicated to use and this includes the plasma and laser cutting tools. However, much like everything else, all these methods have their fair share of downsides, too.

These drawbacks can range from rough and messy edges to heat causing deformities. Aside from which, the capabilities of these cutting methods are confined to just a few types of metals. This is where you can see the waterjet cutting technology come into picture.

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting is a metal cutting/refining technology that makes use of a jet stream of high pressure water. The pressure here is so intense and powerful that it can actually cut through a variety of materials, it is particularly good in cutting metals sans generation of heat due to friction.

The underlying principle behind this cutting-edge technology is found in nature. Extreme erosion on soil can create cavities and caverns. With the inclusion of abrasive particles in waterjet stream, the process of cutting through an object become a thousand times faster.  

The Pros and Cons of Water Jet Cutting

The Advantages

  • Environmentalists and pro-environment groups favor the use of waterjet cutters because it does not involve the creation of noxious chemicals or won’t have any hazardous waste as by-product. Aside from which it also promotes the recyclability of scrap metal.
  • A powerful cutting tool, it cuts through almost anything. In comparison to other traditional cutting tools we are accustomed to use, a waterjet cutter will help you accomplish any kind of cutting task you have. A water jet can help you cut through even the toughest of materials we have around, including stone, metal, or a bullet-proof glass. It can even cut through an uneven or reflective surfaces with great ease.
  • Water jet cutting technology does not produce heat, there is absolutely none when it is in action. Hence, it’s very nature will eliminate this issue which is very common hurdle in other alternative cutting methods. The absence of heat in the cutting process leaves  your materials uncompromised and, thus, the integrity stays intact.
  • High level of accuracy. If you have not witnessed how accurate water jet cutters are, they can actually cut an object at 0.13 mm accuracy.You can even take advantage of it for your projects that require you to have intricate details or for 3D shapes, too.

The Disadvantages

  • While it is a commendable attribute of a water jet cutter to cut through almost every imaginable tough object there is, often the amount of time it takes to cut through an object takes longer compared to a traditional cutter. This signifies that the longer cutting time you have to accomplish a task, the less output you will have for the day. Definitely, it is not beneficial to your business.
  • Orifice failure. The natural tendency of a shoddy waterjet orifice is to break down for no apparent reason. If this happens, it will just disrupt your cutting project. Eventually, you will realize that you have just lost productivity and time.
  • Starting costs. For startup companies with limited  amount of financial resource, finding and putting into action additional abrasive materials such as granite, in an effort to increase the level of efficacy of the water jet cutter will naturally command a higher amount of expense as opposed to a simple plasma cutter.

With all these great benefits your business can take advantage of from a water jet cutting machine, we should not be surprised why it is now the most preferred cutting method across all industries in the business sector. Indeed, water jet cutting service can provide to you the best solution when you can’t settle for anything less.  

What to Look for in Your CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale?

A plasma cutter has been around for so many years already. Its popularity has become so evident in the past years. This means that it become more available in the market now so the competition has become tighter. So, with all the options to choose from, how would you know which one the right choice? Here are some of the things that you should look for in a CNC plasma cutter for sale.


Is the cutting table rock solid or fully-welded? Is it capable of handling heavy plate on a regular basis? Or does it wiggle as soon as you begin cutting? Stability of the cutting surface is very important as it allows the components to work together in an accurate way. Opt for a machine that is designed to be heavy-duty.

Easy to Use

How productive is a CNC plasma cutter for sale if it is difficult to use? A sophisticated machine and software should not be difficult to use and operate. Make sure that you pay attention to which nesting software is being included. High-quality machines are paired with high-quality software. This will allow you to get the full advantage of the equipment’s capabilities.

Though it may seem like a CNC machine is complicated, the software would take the most of the guesswork out of set-up and cutting. Even a first-time operator should be capable of producing great results. You can increase your productivity with a machine that is not only easy to use, but also incorporates cost-saving features. Get a plasma cutter that easy to learn and operate.



A good plasma cutter is the one that is built and designed to exacting machine tool quality standards. It should be durable, heavy-duty, and built to be strong. A fully-welded plasma cutter is designed to hold its advertised accuracy and speed both when its still new and after long years of heavy service.


With the use of a CNC plasma cutter, there is no need for preheating, thus the torch can start cutting as soon as possible. It needs to have tight integration with a nesting software to be as fast as it can be. Depending on the material that is being cut, look for one that has a speed of up to 500 IPM.

Accuracy and Precision

Pairing a state-of-the-art software with a high-precision component will help eliminate secondary operations. The torch head is controlled by a computer which makes it possible to create sharp clean and sharp cuts. Choose a plasma cutter that has all the guide surfaces machined in a single setup.


By opting for a machine that is capable of incorporating all these things, you can ensure that you have a high-quality machine that can offer a near-laser cut accuracy and quality at a fraction the cost.


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