Ceramic Pool Tiles

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Swimming pool

Whether in residential or commercial establishments, the swimming pool is becoming a key selling point in home ownership or rental outlet. A beautiful swimming pool is therefore a must have facility in residential places. This is where ceramic pool tiles come in handy to add colour and style to a swimming pool.

Why use ceramic pool tiles


Ceramic tiles are known to last longer giving you value for your investment. Save for the once in a while fixing of patches that might fall off during plumbing, the ceramics pool tiles can outlast your car by a long shot.

The setup and floor plastering is usually done only once and that is it. If this is done the right way, as a pool owner you will only be required to conduct minor repairs once in a very long time.


Pool tiles come manufactured in different shapes and sizes. This is to cater for diverse client preferences. The art on the tiles is also unique from one tile design to the other. It is advisable to use a consistent design and colour to maintain a desired pattern. Nonetheless, you have a range of options to choose from when thinking of making your swimming pool beautiful.

Ease of installation

Installing tiles is a pretty easy task which does not require any extensive training. With a little guidance from the experienced folk, you can have fun while personally doing the installations yourself at your own pace. However, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced installer to help with any complicated stuff. Otherwise, the project might take longer than the projected period of finishing.

Ease of cleaning

ceramic tilesCeramic tiles provide swimming pools with a smooth finish which is very easy to clean and maintain. Your pool guy will take a record 15 minutes to clean a 60 feet size swimming pool. And with the current technological advancement, there exists very efficient equipment for cleaning the swimming pool that you do not even require an extra hand during the clean up exercise.


Tiling your swimming pool is an involving exercise that requires a considerable amount of financial input. However, with good planning and adequate consultation with the professionals the project will be worth the investment. The pool experts will able to advise on how to achieve eccentric tile designs and matching colour schemes. It is also important to shop around for good bargains so that you do not spend beyond your budget.

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