Commercial Pool Tiles Information

pool tiles

Pool tiles are very beautiful options that create a distinct look of your pool. There is a wide range of commercial pool tiles. These tiles vary in texture, style, materials, and designs. We shall explore the commercial pool tiles styles and types that have been popular recently and they include.

Natural Stone tiles

pool tiles

These types of tiles have been popular for several years now. They provide an organic and clean appearance for the edges, decks, and the water features of the pool. The natural stone tiles are preferred by many since they fit well with many design schemes and give the pool a soft Mediterranean appearance. These tiles are lavish and can be installed in varied patterns such as mosaic type, organic, and geometric patterns.

These types of tiles are available in the market today in many natural shades including the patterns of stone in whites and grays and patterns of stone with a lighter beige appearance. They are popular because of their ability to be designed with stones of varying sizes. Most people prefer smaller patterns and pavers for water fountains and pool features and the larger pavers for decks.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are available in many shades, textures, and shapes. They are available in such unique designs as rough glass, Venetian or opaque, and clear tiles. For instance, the opaque tiles are smooth but less transparent compared to the standard glass. Clear glass tiles enable a lot of reflection. The glass tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. It is important to note that the size and type of the glass tile chosen affects the transparency of the pool. The glass tiles are available in many colors.

Ceramic pool tiles

Just like the glass tiles, the ceramic tiles enable some application of some creativity. These types of tiles are usually used with water features to bring out a lavish design and to make the space lively. They are commonly used in resorts. The ceramic pool tiles are available in complex design motifs and they can be installed distinctive shapes. These tiles are long- lasting, allow for easy cleaning, and are available in many creative designs and options.

Porcelain pool tiles


Porcelain pool tiles come in a great variety, they are durable, and have a low rate of absorption. These tiles are of varied types including unglazed porcelain or natural porcelain and the glazed or polished porcelain pool tiles. Porcelain pool tiles usually create a fantastic backwash or waterline.

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