glass tiled wall

glass tiled wall

With glass pool tiles, the walls of your pool will appear pretty similar to the walls of a shower. This can be a conservative and safe design for most of us. This is a good choice when the property the home is on will probably be sold inside of a few years. Not many people will object to this design and material since it is very common.

With regards to color choices for , the most common color choices are blue and brown. Many are different shades of these two colors. Blue in particular will go well with all the color of the pool. The brown often goes well with all the surrounding landscape surrounding the pool. Either color choice is very safe.

Natural Stone

One step up from the ordinary glass tiles are the gemstone pool tiles. These tiles have a look that’s appropriate for pools of water, BBQ islands, planters, and columns. This can be a great option to give the yard a far more natural look that blends in a complementary way to the surrounding landscape.

A benefit of natural stone is it is easy and quick for most of us to install after they figure out how to place the first couple of pieces. The randomness of the stone pieces make each block blend with the next so that it is very hard to tell that the stones were modular in the first place. The corner system also makes the natural stone look natural at the edges too.


A variation of the typical glass commercial pool tiles is the decorative pool tiles. These tiles have designs on all of the tile, which makes it much more unique. From a distance, they may look somewhat similar to the typical glass tiles that are in lots of pool areas. However, people who look closer will see the intricate designs on your tiles. It’s a method to upgrade the look of the tile while staying pretty conservative with the look.

The color choices provided by decorative tiles are like glass tiles. The colors that appear the most are going to be blue and brown although a shad of brown is extremely common with these tiles. No matter what primary color is chosen, it’s going to look nice while staying conservative at the same time.


Before going on a project to put in pool tiles, It is important to consider the installation aspect. Those who are going to hire contractors to set up the rest of the pool will probably let the same people install the tiles as well. This makes sense as they have a great deal of experience with the process and will generally do a good job.

Those who are trying to save money by performing the installation themselves will want to consider the install instruction for each kind of tile. Some may be more difficult to install than others. Make certain one has the skills and experience necessary to self-install a particular type of tile.

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